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Disqus offers the best add-on tools for websites to increase engagement. We help publishers power online discussions with comments and earn revenue with native advertising The web's community of communities now has one central hub Disqus is a global comment system that improves discussion on websites and connects conversations across the web. Login to Disqus with your social media account, username, or email address Disqus (/dɪsˈkʌs/) is a worldwide blog comment hosting service for web sites and online communities that use a networked platform. The company's platform includes various features.. News. Welcome to Disqus Forum

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Disabling Disqus comments. February 9, 2018 Paulus Schoutsen 1 minute reading time. Last week, starting with the release of Home Assistant 0.62 , we switched to using our community forums for.. Disqus, San Francisco. 20.860 beğenme · 67 kişi bunun hakkında konuşuyor. Disqus is the web's Disqus. Publishers are prioritizing their efforts as they try to prevent users from bypassing metered.. The latest Tweets from Disqus (@disqus). The Web's Community of Communities. Welcome home! This timeline is where you'll spend most of your time, getting instant updates about what matters to you Luckily Disqus has built in support for comment count. The setup isn't difficult, but does require a bit of theme editing. Find the file of your theme that is responsible for display the Home page of your blog We're big fans of Disqus, the third-party comment platform, and we especially love what Disqus built with their social media comments feature that premiered on Mashable in early March

I have a problem with disqus plugin on wordpress. How to display disqus on home page. so the single page is to be a home page, maybe like that. Any idea to solve it? Thanks Grow your team on GitHub. GitHub is home to over 36 million developers working together. A React component for Disqus WordPress users now have to pay a monthly fee to remove Disqus ads from their comments. Click here to learn more about these changes and some alternatives The disq.us domain is used for outbound links from Disqus to provide accurate referral traffic data for publishers and to help prevent users from clicking through to harmful URLs

Instantly connect Disqus with the apps you use everyday. Disqus integrates with 1,500 other apps on Disqus is a comment system that build on the best of comments, and tries to avoid their worst.. First, sign up for a Disqus account (instructions above) and be sure your email address is verified. If you never received a verification email, you can request one by selecting Edit Profile > Account in.. @rrhoover One advantage to Disqus already being webscale: Disqus channels won't see load-related downtime. Seeing Reddit alternatives go down with exodus load reminded me how much work we.. Livefyre and Disqus have a lot of different features, and I will highlight a few around real time and social. Livefyre pushes all comments, likes, and moderation actions to the browser live for eve.. Disqus Conditional Load helps you take advantage of Disqus without suffering from its lag and huge HTTP requests. Advanced Features for Disqus WordPress. Home

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Feature Friday: disqus.com/home/. This is a risky post since I am not sure this feature has been rolled out to everyone. But I have it and so does the Gotham Gal, so I am hoping its rolled out to everyone.. Visit the Disqus home page and click the Add Disqus to Your Site button. Click the Finish Registration button to complete your blog's Disqus site profile, and then click the Tumblr icon

We'll stick around Disqus Home Buying Class 1.9.14. 1. Redfin's Home Buying Event January 9, 2014 San Francisco, CA Host: Landon Nash & Davis Pemstein @Redfin http.. Read writing from Disqus on Medium. The Web's Community of Communities. Every day, Disqus and thousands of other voices read, write, and share important stories on Medium Disqus offers comment tools for websites and blogs, including social integration, spam and moderation tools. Disqus comments Tips? Frustrations? Share them with other site visitor The new Disqus app for Windows 10 works wonderfully on my Windows PC and Windows phone. The fact that Disqus made this a Universal Windows app shows they are a true developer Disqus Comments (for Joomla) integrates the popular Disqus comments system & service into any Joomla! based website. Disqus (pronounced 'discuss') is a service and tool for web comments and..

We're big fans of Disqus, the third-party comment platform, and we especially love what Disqus built with their social media comments feature that premiered on Mashable in early March Disqus looks to make it very easy and rewarding for people to interact on websites using its system. Commenters can build reputation and carry their contributions from one website to the next Check and see if Disqus is not working for everyone at the moment, explore its historical availability and outage data. Disqus.com Current Status See if Disqus is currently down I'm setting up a blog and on the home page, I'm trying to find the best way to show a single post on I've installed the disqus comments plugin which i want to use, but can't seem to get the comments to.. Disqus is a third party comment system which is a long way of saying that it's a better way to do Disqus will manage a blog's comments in the same way that the comment systems provided by the..

I deleted Disqus from all of my WordPress sites. Despite the commenting system's popularity, its flaws outweigh its benefits Disqus is a worldwide blog comment hosting service for web sites and online communities that use a networked platform. The company's platform includes various features, such as social integration.. Disqus is such a kind of blog comment hosting service which is platform-agnostic and URL-agnostic. It is built with javascript and backend technology, Python using Django

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  1. Discover which comment system for your blog wins in the Livefyre vs Disqus debate. Learn about some easy ways to improve comments on your WordPress website
  2. I see Disqus installed in several of the websites I commonly go to: Computer World, Bleacher Report, etc. I have also read that several other big websites have adopted them
  3. Disqus - Claim of Nazi-themed Costumes to a Japanese girls' music group. The Jewish group's Disqus - Comfort women statue is supposed to be placed in Sydney. It doesn't seem to be a good..
  4. I recently made the decision to remove the Disqus comment system from my blog. I learned (the hard way) that some of my readers avoided commenting because of it
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  6. Disqus. This plugin does the same trick as Jetpack to promote visitor commenting, hiding all fields Disqus. Email is verified, and comments are by default approved. You can change these settings to..
  7. Here Is a small guide in Disqus-formatting, that I have 'published' several times on the old GSMArena.com blog (with tiny Disqus-comments, formatting Good to know for future references

You'll see below that I introduce my blog post as a signature of sorts. If you're feeling really creative, however, you can incorporate your hyperlink in the text of your Disqus comment to promote your blog 122 reviews for Disqus, 1.3 stars: Tried to change email in acount but won't take new one in settings. Sorry but showing articles with no contact number, no chat room sucks Engage your audience The internet's favorite comment plug-in makes it easy for publishers to bring their content to life, fuel colorful discussions, efficiently moderate comments..

Disqus is a third-party commenting platform you can use to replace Squarespace's default Disqus comments are URL-specific. This means comments only appear to visitors who access the site using.. Home. Having a Comment widget in your blog could be useful in so many ways. Good thing Disqus offers Tumblr users an easy way to put one in their blogs Disqus is the web's most popular commenting system trusted by millions of publishers to increase reader engagement, grow audience and traffic, and monetize content Disqus is a robust and free commenting platform commonly used on Wordpress and custom websites. One of its latest features embeds Around the Web Reveal (Discovery)..

Disqus is one of the best WordPress plugins for comments. However, the developers have added advertisements to the plugin and created paid plans that include the ability to switch off the adverts Disqus released the ability to tweet out comments for commenters with a Disqus Profile. This allowed people to share their comments on Twitter and bring So how can I insert images and videos in MakeUseOf Answer's question section and in comments section, i.e. Disqus? Any online method to embed images and videos without signing up on that site Disqus Comments (for Joomla) integrates the Disqus comments system & service into any Joomla based website. Disqus (pronounced 'discuss') is a service and tool for web comments and..

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Disqus is a platform that allows you to easily allow users to comment on your articles or blog posts. Adding a Disqus action is easy, just enter the URL of the article you would like users to comment on Pages. Home. OnSite SEO List. disqus comments (2). domain name seo (2). forum backlinks (2) While Disqus should be recommended for helping to further blog comments as a viable and worthy part of the blogging experience, it should also be recognized that this all comes with a price for end users Tagged: Disqus, page. Viewing 18 posts - 1 through 18 (of 18 total). Author. Is there a shortcode to add a disqus comments section to a page? I want to add it to a page I make available only to certain..

DISQUS is a comments platform that helps you build an active community from your website's audience. It has awesome features, powerful tools, and it's easy to install Home. Get access to data on 1,173,357 websites that are Disqus Customers. We know of 157,684 live websites using Disqus and an additional 1,015,673 sites that used Disqus historically and 4,081.. Disqus hired Rareview to create a brand that centers around color. Our goal with this project was to create a brand for the Disqus business team that centered around color

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And I wanted it to stop. So here's why I killed disqus commenting on my site just now. Some folks hated Disqus. Others loved it. People predicted my comment traffic would drop Tagged:Commenting Tool Disqus Disqus Commenting Tool PHP. Comment section is de-facto feature of any blog at this time, having comment section in your blog increases your interaction between you.. Code and walkthrough for the DISQUS comment system on Android OS. Code samples given for php, xml, and java Here we thought we'd give you a quick tutorial on how to integrate DISQUS on Android

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1. Setup your site on disqus.com. This is your live site, don't create localhost as a site there. 2. Follow instructions and copy paste the snippets into your pages We comprae Facebook comments to Disqus and Wordpress. Disqus is something more than just a comments plugin. In addition to comments, it becomes a sort of central hub for creators and users both

  1. disqus.com. Categories. Comment Systems. Create a list of 150,000 websites that use Disqus. Get an instant quote
  2. Disqus Visit Website. Disqus offers the best add-on tools for site owners to power discussions, increase engagement, and earn revenue. eCommerce Sites Using Disqus
  3. Many Authority blogs use Disqus as their preferred blog commenting system on blog post. What many don't is how to get backlinks using disqus comments

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Comments powered by Disqus Sometimes your storage can double as home decor. That's certainly the case with this COPREE Bamboo ClothingRack Feb 20, 2019- Explore Kayla Torres's board Dream Home on Pinterest. Christmas Porch Decoration Ideas Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus Disqus. SPIDER MAN FAR FROM HOME Friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman Trailer (NEW 2019) Superhero Movie HD Translate. Home

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Get inspired by these Christmas decorating ideas to transform your home into a holiday haven. Classy Christmas Decorations Ideas Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus Home Decoration Accessories Key: 2009785003. 50 Christmas Trees Taken To The Next Level. A huge star or tree, commonly called a tree topper can likewise be put on the top of the Christmas [ Home 3. Welcome to modern shop. Avada has proudly influenced catwalks, celebrities & high street fashion for the past 30 years Dating app free, dating advice for lesbians life, dating after divorce humor life, dating men quotes life, dating after divorce quotes dr. who, dating aesthetic garden, dating at home dinner..

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  1. Commentate i film loggandovi con Facebook, Twitter, Google o Disqus. HOME-FILM
  2. blog comments powered by Disqus. Disqus. Najpopulárnejší hudobní interpreti
  3. comments powered by Disqus Previous Articles by Rick Ackerman
  4. Looking for quick & easy DIY Fall Centerpieces or home accents? We collected our favorite 2015 Halloween Pumpkin Ideas Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus
  5. Should you use Disqus or Thrive Comments on your WordPress website? What are the main differences between the two? Take a look at this in-depth comparison.
  6. This shows you how to display the number of Disqus comments for you static blog posts on the home page or any other article extracts/list page. Get the count.js script. Insert the following script at the..
  7. Disqus is a hugely popular third-party comment service, but it's not the only option. Some time ago we looked at alternatives to using Disqus on WordPress. Disqus is an excellent comment system..

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See if Disqus is down or it's just you. Check current status and outage map. Post yours and see other's reports and complaints. Outage.Report. Companies. Home. Disqus Tab Page Bar. Home. Wednesday, July 11, 2012. Some formatting tips for the Disqus comments. Hello everyone, if you did not now, you can format your text in the comments section

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Beautiful, real-time, engaging discussions for your website. With a few quick steps, you can turn your old comment system into a new way to engage your visitors Today Disqus added some super-sweet new functionality to their commenting system. You now have the ability to @mention people within your comments, and suck them into your conversations

Disqus offers itself as an easy way to build up communities. It's targeted at advertising, so everything you post in your comments via Disqus may will be used to target ads. If your read through their terms.. Home > SEO Copywriting > Can Google Index Disqus Comments? As many people know, Disqus comments are viewable only through JavaScript - so how do you get the comments to be indexed by..

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  1. Getting the comments platform Disqus to work with your Angular-based website is probably not going to be as simple as dropping in the default Disqus code snippet into your HTML template
  2. Disqus is an amazing service that enables your website visitors to start discussions and add However, with Blocs, adding support for Disqus is incredibly streamlined and straightforward
  3. Learn about working at Disqus. Join LinkedIn today for free. Disqus exists to facilitate discussion and help publishers succeed in building loyal audiences on the open web
  4. Use the DISQUS service below to report any bugs, improvements or discuss anything. I will help you as soon as possible! (since I'm currently on parental leave my answers can take some time

Home page. Go to disqus.com, click on Sign Up. Get registered. Find the Settings icon in the right upper corner and choose Add Disqus To Site in the drop-down menu Adding Disqus to your store lets customers comment and start conversations on your blog posts and products 40 Comments on Disqus Spam + Ads. We have the largest and deepest audience profiles on the web. — David Fleck, general manager of advertising at Disqus

Why I Replaced Disqus and You Should Too. Victor Zhou・Apr 3. #webdev #performance #bestpractices #disqus Disqus Comments is a powerful alternative to the default WordPress comment system. In this post, I will highlight both the pros and cons of using both platforms, and share with you a great alternative Visit Disqus registration page and enter your username, email, and password and then click next. On the next screen enter your site name, pick category and click finish registration Disqus is a social commenting platform that adds a dynamic and feature-rich comment system to You can add Disqus in the same way you add other content types like videos or surveys, which..

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You are here: Home How To How to create a Discussion Channel on Disqus? Learn to create a professional Disqus channel for exchange ideas and conversation From the Home screen, the last option available is the Analyze Engagement link Of the 5 items on the primary menu of the Disqus dashboard, Discussions is not accessible from the Home screen Home. disqus.com. Top Alternatives. Submit review for Disqus.com. To submit review, Please provide you name, email and complate requied fields

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This Disqus was designed by David Massiani - Dribbble - Twitter - Website. If you like this free resource, share it: Twitter Facebook Pin it disqus never works more than half the time, please just fix it disqus, wow. i work in IT and disqus definitely does not work sometimes. F U to all lazy website admins who are too lazy to use a better..